Key figures comparison

Interactive graphics show the development of our key figures over the last five years.

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{ "values": [ { "data": [ {"values": [185,176,198,436,470], "name": "Operating profit"}, {"values": [133,124,136,335,374], "name": "Consolidated net income"} ], "unit": "in \u20ac millions", "title": "Performance key figures", "zeroes": 0 }, { "data": [ {"values": [23986,23304,24550,28987,30894], "name": "Property finance"}, {"values": [2169,2317,2450,2723,3044], "name": "Equity", "footnotes": [0,6,0,0,0]}, {"values": [41814,45750,42981,49557,51948], "name": "Total assets", "footnotes": [0,6,0,0,0]} ], "unit": "in \u20ac millions", "title": "Statement of financial position", "zeroes": 0 }, { "data": [ {"values": [8.3,7.2,7.5,18.5,18.6], "name": "RoE before taxes", "footnotes": [0,0,5,0,0]}, {"values": [43.9,40.9,38.5,36.2,43.2], "name": "Cost/income ratio", "footnotes": [1,1,1,1,1]} ], "unit": "in %", "title": "Further performance key figures", "zeroes": 1 }, { "data": [ {"values": [0,0,0.75,1.2,1.65], "name": "Dividend per share", "footnotes": [0,0,0,0,2]}, {"values": [2.11,1.75,1.55,4.87,5.66], "name": "Earnings per ordinary share", "footnotes": [0,0,5,3,3]} ], "unit": "in \u20ac", "title": "Key figures per share", "zeroes": 2 }, { "data": [ {"values": [0,0,0,12.9,13.1], "name": "Common Equity Tier 1 ratio (CET1 ratio) (%) – fully phased", "footnotes": [0,0,0,4,4]}, {"values": [0,0,0,13.6,13.8], "name": "Common Equity Tier 1 ratio (CET1 ratio)", "footnotes": [0,0,0,4,4]} ], "unit": "in %", "title": "Regulatory indicators", "zeroes": 2 }, { "data": [ {"values": [2353,2289,2375,2548,2861], "name": "Employees"} ], "unit": "persons", "title": "Employees", "zeroes": 0 } ], "years": [2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015] }

1 Structured Property Financing segment only

2 Proposal to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting

3 The allocation of earnings is based on the assumption that net interest payable on the AT1 bond is recognised on an accrual basis.

4 Since 1 January 2014, regulatory indicators have been determined in accordance with CRD IV/CRR, based on carrying amounts in accordance with IFRS. Until 31 December 2013, these indicators were calculated in accordance with the German Solvency Regulation (SolvV) and based on local GAAP (book values in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB)). The Bank therefore decided against stating comparative amounts.

5 Compared to the publication of the 2013 annual report and within the context of calculating earnings for the purpose of determining EpS attributable to common shareholders, net interest payable on the SoFFin silent participation was deducted, to enable an assessment based on economic substance.

6 Compared to the publication of the 2012 annual report, the figure has been adjusted. Further information is included in the “Accounting policies” section of the notes to the consolidated financial statements for the 2013 financial year.


Annual Report 2015
All facts and data related to the 2015 financial year, clearly arranged in a navigable file