Dr. Peter Schaffner, Managing Director Housing Industry division; Christian Brückner, CEO Deutsche Bau- und Grundstücks-AG; Lars Ernst, Managing Director Consulting & Services; Sabine Fischer, Member of the Management Board Aareon AG; Dr Christian Fahrner, Managing Director Strategy & Development Consulting/Services

Exploiting the potential of digitalisation

Connected living has increasingly become an aspect of everyday life, and the property industry is no exception, benefiting from digital solutions such as tenant portals, maintenance services or the mobile handover. Such offers not only streamline processes, enhancing efficiency of communications – they also make for satisfied tenants.

Aareal Bank Group enjoys a leading position in the digitalisation and networking of processes – combined with a deep understanding of our clients‘ needs. One of these is the wish for simplification, in a banking and IT environment becoming ever more complex. That is why we package banking and IT services from our portfolio, as complete solutions targeting specific client groups. In this way, we provide property advice, software and services – from a one-stop shop. Clients benefit from integrated systems seamlessly fitting into their own digital ecosystems, helping them to optimise their processes.

The focus of our business to date – the German housing, property and utility industries – has provided us with a strong foundation for further growth. We provide our clients in Germany with an integrated, ground-breaking portfolio of products and services, with our expertise in payment transactions, electronic banking and process-optimisation as the core element of this range. We are raising our international profile as a specialist provider to various client groups.

The next steps will be to develop our range of payment transaction services and IT products further, to also include smaller housing companies and managers, and to expand existing platform products facilitating management tasks of housing companies. We also plan to expand our ”Housing Industry Ecosystem“ – which we intend to use to expedite cross-border sales activity, or to develop additional products for ERP systems, as well as new digital product offers.

Digitalisation provides us with great opportunities to keep growing with new, client-focused products.

Sabine Fischer, Member of the Management Board Aareon AG

Our approach of networking the property management industry with other sectors has set new standards

Dr Peter Schaffner, Managing Director Housing Industry division

We recognise new market trends – and their importance for our clients – ahead of our competitors.

Christian Brückner, CEO Deutsche Bau- und Grundstücks-AG