Innovative solutions

For a long time, energy suppliers had to account for costly customisation when providing electronic billing. We have now developed a ground-breaking package of e-business solutions, comprising invoicing, payments and posting, which we will offer to various client groups internationally.

This packages includes various modules:

The BK 01 payment management module handles incoming and outgoing payments electronically, using automated processes. Besides the correct posting of individual items, the system also encompasses downstream accounting process steps.

BK 01 immoconnect connects property companies and utilities, with a specific focus on automating the flow of data generated for the billing of electricity, gas, and water. We support this through differentiated payment processing cycles, whereby payments can be directly assigned to individual buildings or delivery types within a housing company’s IT system.

BK 01 eConnect to digitalise and automate the process of electronic billing, front to back. This is a particularly complex task: each company has its own requirements for electronic invoices: different content and presentation, file formats, and communication channels. With BK 01 eConnect, all these parameters are set up once, for each customer of the eConnect user – the basis for highly customised yet automated invoicing.

The central, standardised Aareon Invoicing Service portal connects invoicing parties – such as utilities and waste disposal companies, municipalities, or energy metering companies – with housing companies, thus facilitating a digital, fully- automated billing services with a full audit track.

Through phi-Consulting, we offer mid-sized energy utilities consultancy and development services in the SAP® environment, in line with their needs.

With this comprehensive solution, we once again set new standards for our industry – and will now be offering this solution internationally as well. In this we are helped by our strong network, and the ability to implement decisions quickly.