Our Smart World

Pioneering digital solutions for the property industry

Digitalisation offers immense potential for housing companies in particular. An increasing number of tenants use mobile services for quick and simple communications. They also expect their landlord to follow this trend – which we have addressed through a solutions system: the Smart World offered by Aareal Bank Group.

We are redesigning all housing-related processes with this digital, connected ecosystem, comprising advice, software and services. Our applications help property companies reduce costs; they facilitate new business models, and provide more comfort in the dialogue between tenants and staff members of housing industry companies. All key business processes – such as letting, customer service, or maintenance – are supported digitally and are available using mobile devices, via the exclusive Aareon Cloud. Moreover, the Smart World supports connectivity to numerous third-party applications.

All of these services and products are bundled with Aareal Bank Group, and are accessible for our clients from a single source. They include the development of IT solutions for property management, general property administration and the management of residential housing for the housing industry, offering a wide range of services that culminate in payment transaction solutions to optimise systems and business processes.

This creates marked efficiency gains for our housing industry clients – significantly enhancing service levels for their tenants. Examples for this include the option to report damages via mobile devices, 24 hours a day, or simple, comfortable mobile solutions for handling handover certificates and deposits when handing over apartments. Aareal Bank Group’s Smart World makes life simpler.

In future, we want to further expand our interfaces to other housing-related business partners. Moreover, we are determined to leverage our international presence to acquire additional know-how from the countries we are active in, and to integrate this into our portfolio of solutions.