Aareal Bank share

Key data and indicators of the Aareal Bank share

2015 2014
Share price (€)1)    
Year-end price 29.140 33.290
High 40.905 36.490
Low 28.380 26.670
Book value per share (€) 41.80 36.44
Dividends per share (€)3) 1.65 1.20
Earnings per ordinary share (€)4) 5.66 4.87
Price/earnings ratio2) 5.15 6.84
Dividend yield (%)2) 5.66 3.60
Market capitalisation (€ mn)2) 1,744 1,993

1) XETRA® closing prices;

2) Based on XETRA® year-end closing prices;

3) Proposal to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting;

4) The methodology to calculate the ratio was changed as at 31 December 2014. The comparative figure was adjusted accordingly.

ISIN DE 000 540 811 6
WKN 540 811
ID codes
Deutsche Börse ARL
Bloomberg (Xetra) ARL GY
Reuters (Xetra) ARL.DE
Issue share capital (number bearer unit shares) 59,857,221

Investor Relations activities

As a listed public limited company included in the MDAX® index, Aareal Bank is subject to numerous disclosure obligations. Aareal Bank sees these as an opportunity, not an obligation – an opportunity to enter into open dialogue with analysts, investors and clients, as well as with the media.

This dialogue, greatly valued by Aareal Bank, is pursued consistently and intensively, regardless of the economic environment, and is a prerequisite for its long-term success as a publicly listed company. Only when current developments are discussed in a timely, open and transparent manner can market participants evaluate potential opportunities and risks that may result from market developments as well as from regulatory changes, and discuss them with Aareal Bank.

To this end, two conferences are held, among other things, in Frankfurt each year for analysts and the media, at which the Management Board presents the results of the financial year under review in great detail, and also provides a strategic outlook for the future, comprising the current financial year as well as the medium-term horizon. Aareal Bank also uses the quarterly results presentation as an opportunity to inform analysts, investors and the media about current Group developments.

Overall, market communications thus remained at a high level throughout 2015. In the course of the financial year under review, the Investor Relations team took part in eight international capital markets conferences and conducted more than 200 one-on-one meetings with more than 300 investors and analysts during 15 roadshows in Europe and the US. Investors greatly appreciate the fact that Management Board members also regularly attend conferences and roadshows in order to be available for personal meetings.

In order to ensure access to timely, open and transparent information of relevance to the capital markets, Aareal Bank provides shareholders and analysts with detailed information on Aareal Bank Group and its two segments Structured Property Financing and Consulting/Services on its website at www.aareal-bank.com. Furthermore, published ad-hoc disclosures and press releases, financial reports, as well as current Investor Relations presentations, are available for download from our Investor Relations portal. The financial calendar offers an overview of the most important dates in the company calendar. In the 2016 financial year, we will maintain our proactive communication with capital markets in order to strengthen share holders’ confidence in the sustainable success of Aareal Bank Group’s business model.

Analysts’ opinions

Since the beginning of last year, an additional analyst firm initiated coverage of Aareal Bank Group, whilst two firms stopped their coverage. At present, 13 analyst firms regularly publish independent studies and comments on the development of Aareal Bank Group.

Having finished the 2014 financial year on a positive note, in 2015 Aareal Bank also had to meet market and analyst expectations. The Bank fulfilled these high expectations, with currently ten ”buy“ recommendations and two ”neutral“ recommendations, compared with three ”sell“ recommendations.

We regularly update and publish the analysts‘ recommendations on our website www.aareal-bank.com on the investor relations page.